1000 Questions For Couples Review

I thank you for checking out my blog, you have come to the right place if you are looking for a comprehensive review of 1000 questions for couples pdf ebook which is written by non other than couple counseling expert Micheal Webb’s. If you are someone who like me believes that communication gap is one of the biggest reason for break-ups and divorces among couples than you have to read full 1000 Questions For Couples Review to find out how you can save relationships. This is a review site: Click here to visit Micheal Webb’s 1000 Questions For Couples Official Website What is 1000 Question’s For Couples all about? 1000 questions for couple’s is a book written by Micheal Webb’s, this book is a tool for improving relationship or saving marriages from divorces. The author of this book has expertise in counseling couples and helping them realize what is important … Continue reading →

101 Questions For Couples

Are you someone who want to know the desires of your partner? Are you looking for ways to move your relationship in right direction? Are you looking out for some quick questions related to couples? Well here you will be provided with 101 important questions for couples that will help you to know the desires of your partner, provide a way to move your relationship in a right direction.  These questions will help you maintain or enhance the spark of love with your partner. In a hurry than checkout Micheal Webb’s 1000 Questions for couples (Things you should be knowing about your partner), it is the best book  if  you are interested to have a strong stepping stone and move in the right direction with your partner. Are you interested in using questions for couples, if so feel free to use 101 questions meant for couples provided below. These questions … Continue reading →

Great First Date Questions

Got a first date coming up? Nervous about what to talk about, how to get those romantic Hollywood conversations going that will show you in your best light? Don’t be nervous about a first date – check out this list of great first date questions that will start great conversations! Some first principles to remember about having a good date, be it first or fifth – is that the best conversations come about from being relaxed. Your date doesn’t want you to be nervous and shaky, making jokes like a robot and worrying about how you come across. (Or obviously worrying, anyway) The first thing to remember is to at least seem relaxed – although if you’re genuinely relaxed you don’t have to worry. Being genuinely relaxed on a first date is not the easiest thing for everyone, however. Don’t dress up too much – look respectable but remember you … Continue reading →

Importance of Questions for Couples Getting Married

Are you feeling bit nervous before getting married? Are you thinking if you have made the right choice of partner? Are you worried as to how your future will be ? Congratulations to you as you are on the right path of getting married. These are the questions that comes to the minds of people who value family and relationship. But again the question is have you made the right choice? is your partner going to provide you with the kind of married life you always wanted. It is really very important to have a good idea of how your future is going to be after marriage. This is possible only if you your partner very well. Knowing your partner well does not mean to judge them based on how he/she behaved with you. Before marriage everybody is going to show how much he/she loves you. But as you must … Continue reading →

Marriage Counselor Questions and Ansswers

Research has shown that after marriage counsellor therapy 3 out of 4 couples are happier together than couples with similar problems who did not receive marriage counsellor therapy. If you are unsure about whether you need therapy, what marriage counselling is all about or what you can expect, here is some information about the kinds of things covered in marriage counsellor question and answer sessions. Often a marriage counselor will help a couple with small, day to day issues that, if not dealt with, could possibly escalate. Frequent arguments over little things such as household chores are often a sign that there are bigger problems hiding just under the surface. A marriage counselor will also help with and answer questions about achieving and maintain a higher level of sexual and emotional intimacy. You may have specific questions regarding your marriage, here are some common questions asked of a marriage counselor … Continue reading →

How to Handle Infidelity in Marriage?

Infidelity, or ‘cheating’ is  a big problem for a marriage or any relationship. Whichever side the problem is on, more often than not there are multiple causes for infidelity in marriage. One of the most important things to remember is this: Don’t throw blame around right away. Obviously you are hurt. But getting angry, calling names and arguing does nobody any good, and will probably eradicate any chance of salvaging your feelings for each other and your marriage. Be understanding – confront the problem, but try and find where the root of it lies. Of course a less than healthy sex life will most often be the cause of infidelity in marriage. Cheating is not the answer though. Remember, Be open when you talk about sex. Ask your partner if there are problems for him or her in your sex life. Identify that cheating is not the answer and try … Continue reading →