Why You Need 1000 Questions for Couples by Michael Webb

1000 Questions for Couples has been online best seller since very long, this book has helped countless individuals all over the world, Communication is the master key to better relationship is the theme of this book.

The fundamental principal of 1000 Questions for couples is very simple: If you intend to has a very meaning full relationship with your life partner than you have to start communication.

Communication in this book does not mean just talking few short phrases like “How was your day?” or “Can you give me a cold beer?”. It is important for people who are in relationship to realize that in-order to have a healthy relationship or for relationship to survive both the partners need to engage themselves in a regular dialog. 1000 Questions for Couples helps you to solve this problem by providing a best foundational materials for a good communication.

Many times people find it very difficult to think of their own questions when communicating with their partners, Micheal Webbs has solved this problem by creating an amazing compilation of best quality questions, that can help you. This book was released in the year 2000 and it continues to be a phenomenal bestseller, it is receiving great appreciation from the readers.

If you are interested to have a strong stepping stone and move in the right direction with your partner than Micheal Webb’s 1000 Questions for couples (Things you should be knowing about your partner) is the best book for you.

Are you interested in using questions for couples, if so feel free to use some of the sample questions provided below. These questions will help you start the renewal process of your relationship today.

1) Tell me something best anyone has ever done for you in the past?

2) Where would you be or what would you be doing if money was not your objective?

3) Do you believe in the ideas like pee-destination?

4) What is you opinion about faith, do you feel it is something that is taught or it’s hardwired in us?

5) Would you mind telling me something about yourself that you have never shared with anyone else before, it could be your best friend or even your parents?

6) something that is taught or it’s hardwired in us?

7) Do you read books regularly? which is your favorite book and how did you discover it?

8) What is your opinion about sex? do you feel its more exciting when it is unplanned?

9) Which dish would you learn if you were given chance to learn with master chief?

10) Can you tell one thing about me that drives you crazy?

11) What in your opinion is your best physical asset?



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